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The following information on the AZ-58 was supplied  to us for posting on this website.  We make no CLAIMS for this machine as it is on this Website  for EDUCATIONAL and RESEARCH INFORMATION ONLY on John Crane and Royal Rife.


The Orginal AZ-58 machine was built by Allied Industries owned by John Crane. The original Circuits which were posted on this site and supplied to us by the RIFE  RESEARCH GROUP OF CANADA had several major error's in it.    These error's have been corrected by a Broadcast Engineer and a working version has been built.  We have been informed that the unit lights a gas tube with no problems.

At this time there are no other information available on this unit.  When further information is supplied to us, we will make it available on this Website. 


By continuing on to the next  page you are acknowledging that you understand the Disclaimer at the Top of this page and also understand this is for Educational and Research only.


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