Journal of Dr. Cooperson & Clayton


The Journal Of Dr. Cooperson and Dr. Clayton

as written by CISCO [Real name With Held]

This Journal has been formatted for this web site without any changes in its contents and is Copyrighted. I have been given permission to post it on this web site by the individual for you to read and help in your research. If you intend to publish this article you will need his permission. Please let me know and I will be happy to forward your request to him.

 NOTE: After spending some time with Cisco (JULY 98) in Guam and never getting to see the orginals, I feel this Journal was sent to him by another individual who has the orginal Journals of Dr. Cooperson and Dr. Clayton if they even existed.


1934, first meeting

 Dr. Cooperson and Dr. Clayton met through some colleagues from the East Coast and then through mail and finally deciding to collaborate in the combination of herb and electromechanical treatment of disease using a machine Cooperson had purchased. They never totally agreed to a format which would elevate the emotional problems they would face but they did use professional formulas to prove their work. These were two strong willed and very direct men with completely different ideas of how experimentation for life saving should be done. Clayton was determined to utilize anything he could to produce a self-enhancing life saving system. His associate Dr. Cooperson was concerned with compiling information which would as an end result save lives, even at the cost of some, to save many.

 After their initial meeting in Denver and the agreeing of guidelines for exchange of work the two Doctors went to the lab. The location was never clearly defined by address but it was in the Denver area initially, but was later required to be moved.


1934 the lab

 The actual machine and lab was not what Clayton had expected, more of a warehouse converted to meet the needs. Mostly a brick building with some walls built of lathing and plaster. Heat was supplied by a coal burner, which looked like some monster with blowers and a poor smell. Electrical wires were everywhere and fuse boxes seemed on every wall and even on several benches. The treatment room was clean and painted and was at some point in the past an office with 10 foot ceilings. The treatment room had a battery rack on one wall connecting two racks of six batteries to the units with several long black wires, which were laying on the floor. The smell of acid irritated Clayton and fans were later added to exhaust the odor and fumes. The machine itself was not in one box it was actually in three, or was actually three systems in combination. The primary control panel or machine of concern was the unit with the emitter tube, a hand held tube unit, and the following is his description of the control panel of the unit.

 CONTROL PANEL; 2- VU meters, 1- Output Voltage, 2- RF dial indicators, 1- Hz meter, 1-Signal indicator meter, a modulation dial indicator, Battery Volts meter, 6 rheostat control knobs w/setting grids, and 4 power control switches with lights. He further described the unit as being a box 2 1/2' x 2' x 3' with black wrinkle texture. Below the control panel unit was a transformer rack with 4 transformers very large and continually making a humming sound. The capacitor rack was below the transformers and were insulated by the same thick rubber, no amount of capacitors was given. The dial indicators were of the same type utilized on radio's to modify or choose a frequency to listen to. The tubes utilized produced a lot of heat and pinkish glow from inside the control box. Eventually they added a fan to remove the heat from the box. Although they were informed the heat was not a bad thing and was required for some of the tubes to function properly.

 The hand held emitter tube was rather rudimentary in its appearance and the handle grip was taped into place, making it more of a wand of about three and a half feet in length including the handle. Clayton described the tube as, looking like a fluorescent tube, slender with two protrusions ( one at each end) for vacuum and insertion of gasses. A note was given at this point that 3 hg vacuum was required to insert the gasses properly, and that mercury vapor was utilized in one such tube. ( Also stated was a bi-metal complex was utilized for the elements.....and that this was changed to a tri-metal complex to meet new frequency and high output response needs.) Ends of the glass tube were melted around the electrode power supply wires. Heavily insulated wire was attached to the tube and was linked via a massive threaded twist type plug on the control units face (lower left corner). Everything was insulated with a thick rubber insulation.

A "ground rod" of copper was driven 10 feet into the ground below the floor ( this was a standard of the era, being an electrical contractor I can attest) and attached directly to the 2 units, the cart, and several 3' x  6' rubber coated standing panels which were later used as shields. The actual tube control unit was on a cart with rubber wheels, although it was primarily stationary and the lab was structured so nothing needed to be moved. It was never described as heavy, but Clayton did say while cleaning the lab he attempted to move it and it refused to move.

His next machine observation was the unit connected to insulated stainless (or shinny, sorry the interpretation of stainless is mine ) plates on the floor in front of a wooden chair. This was connected to a separate machine again with similar VU meters and dial indicators and battery rack, this unit was smaller and did not have the transformers or capacitor racks. This unit was to charge the body to alternating polarity and was treated with similar insulated wiring. He did describe what I concluded as heat sinks or "hotplate shields", and they were a decisive part of the power inversion unit. This unit was described as a inverter and a polarizer, with the ability to control pulsation in cycles per second. They felt that this machine opened the door for the tube emitter to eliminate the cells that they were attempting to attack. The tests they had done showed great improvement when the floor plates were charged in opposition to the pulsation. When the RF was modulated from 3 Hz to 4 Hz the charge was reversed from positive to negative. Thus, the cells color changed to adapt, which appeared to be the fastest way of creating cellular degrade. The color lessened and became nearly transparent, this occurred within 40 seconds, cell degrade was visible with the monocular observance. The pulsation rotation was manual and was input at 5 second intervals, continuously during the total 3 minutes 10 seconds of duration. The element heated, with resolution being modulated during the entire duration. Transitional oscillation was 1.3 ms and caused the proper degrade in sequence as in previous tests.

 Initially the doctors felt that the polarization system was lacking in the ability to polarize the body entirely and that was reason of the addition of the neck/back plate and carbon electrodes.

 The plates were the only way to utilize the negative discharge side of the current charge, carbon electrodes were held in the clients hands to apply the actual positive charge. The plates were not the only portion of this machine, and the carbon was required, one in each hand. Charge was alternated between electrodes and plates thus the entire body was effected on a rotational basis. Clayton noted," That should one not be careful with this machine a good sized wallop may be delivered from the electrodes".

1934 the first experiments

 Within the first trials of the machine Cooperson and Clayton noted that they felt the machine was slow (or the cell's were) in it's reacting to or causing cellular destruction or degrade. His concerns were that the cells were being allowed to regenerate after saturation and this must be why multiple exposures was required. His documents read," If a cell is dead and those around it are also effected, something must give the cells the ability to regenerate without reservation, or, they are not totally effected as we feel". "Possibly that charge which allows it to survive is a direct result of the cells ability to create that charge". " If a cell and its individual charge exists then it follows that it's energy is as with all energy and is transmittable". " Therefore, to eliminate a electrical field one can simply introduce a charge which the cell can not modify or respond to, then introduce frequency oscillation at the cells destructive ratio and eliminate the cell completely without additional cells being contaminated , or, having the unacceptable charge being transmitted to others". "This should cause the requirement for quantities of treatments to be lessened in amount, possibly to only a few".

"Polarity Resonance" was the term applied to the need for, or, the application of polarization of the cells, apparently it was to "stop firing at a brick wall". Meaning the cells having a normal charge which slowed the damage created by the freq. emitted by the tube. Thus, the good Dr.'s felt if the cells could be confused by forcing them to adapt to the resonant polarization they would be more easily effected. They attempted to prove this in a simple manner, utilizing bread mold, actual blood under scope and living insects. ( not roaches)

1934 the test

 Placing the mold in a petridish they varied the +/- on a plate underneath the dish and via a electrode. They utilized a setting known to slowly kill such mold, this would give them the time required to visually see the proof of the test. Outside experimentation and verification was not available to them.


Bread Mold

test 1-10) no polarization, 45 seconds to visible cellular degrade, test 10-20) polarization 5 cycles per second, 17 seconds to visible degrade.


test 20-30) insects "lice" were utilized, no polarization, 1 minute 40 seconds to death,

test 30-40) polarization 5 cycles per second, 53 seconds to death


Human blood infected

test 40-50) human blood infected with botulism, no polarization 2 minutes 25 seconds to degrade.

test 50-60) polarization 5 cycles per second, 1 minute 8 seconds to degrade.

 These tests were completed 10 times each to insure verification, no settings were changed at any point which could alter the out come. All tests confirmed the need for polarization. Botulism, 66,435, "t" was constant at 1.3 throughout the entire testing, botulism color was red/orange/ exterior circular extenuation was brown.

 Clayton was not impressed with his first days exposure to the tube emissions and required to be calmed down by his associate. Clayton felt a prickly type of skin sensation (during the first days exposure), eye strain during exposure, twitching of muscles followed, some light headedness and a mild melancholia. This subsided as he was further exposed, sometimes 20 tests per day were performed. He was never sold on the over-exposure which they both experienced and thus the panels were utilized....assuming similarities to x-ray. He noted ,"something must protect us from this machine, I fear to much of a good thing".

 Being a natural herbologist he was skeptical from the beginning, but lacked a cure for several patients and this was a viable alternative. Two of his clients died waiting for his return from these studies, one his cousin.....that loss gave him some drive to complete his volumes.

 Dr. Clayton wrote, "At some point we must find a common ground between medicine and human nature. The nature of humans is not to heal but to attempt to cause or force healing. We must eliminate the attempt and allow God to do his job, we can simply utilize what he has left us to work with and assist the bodies healing".

 He remained a herbologist and attempted to utilize many Herb's to assist in the treatment. He felt "rose -hips" digested in large quantity was helpful....he had a good point and today it is used as vitamin C in many patients with cancer.

 He also believed that this machine should be used to enhance the good living cells to assist them in self healing. Clayton wrote, "If it can offer resonance which can kill cells it will also offer resonance which will heal". He never deviated from searching for Freq.'s which would do this. Clayton also believed that to prosper from the pain and suffering of another human being was inconceivable, to help was all that was needed and life would prosper on its own. Simple but he restated this many times as he met with other Doctor's who had great deals of money. He found they had only one use to him, they helped fund the two good Dr.'s work.

1934 cataract's and a freq. change

 With little to work on and only a simple set of note's from the developer of the machine the next step was to deal with a basic primary problem of the available test patients. Test patients were not standing in line and so payment was offered to some individuals who were interested. The first was a patient located outside their door, an elderly poor man who would accept 50 cents a day to have tests run on his eyes.

 The clients eyes could only see light but no focus was available for the patient. Cataract's clouded the interior of the eye with some external scarring. The patient was 59 years of age and was not in good health, poor teeth, a man of poor stature and had no income or quality food source, the doctors included food during his treatment.

 The patient was treated by the information at hand ( given with the machine) and "NO" response was noticeable. After the third day the Dr.'s agreed that the frequency or the modulation was incorrect and had to be modified. But what direction to go in and what frequency was argumentative. They must develop a test which could be of value in this type of situation as it would appear that cells varied from person to person and age also had a viable figure in the equation. So they both attempted to utilize information and tests which were a given procedure at the time. They noted that the cells they were attempting to degrade were not a type of growing cell. They could not culture or grow these cells therefore just blasting away was possibly the only alternative. But at the clients ago they feared experimentation and felt that he may not be a good test. But Clayton refused to allow the test to end.

 At this point the developer was contacted and he offered the resolution. He felt that the reason for the frequency not functioning properly on the test subject as was required was simple, the test amplitudes of the unit was not run on an adult human subject it was tested on an animal and the modulation and settings must be modified to specifications which were desirable for the adult condition. The response must be moved from 3.5 to 4.1 or 4.3.

 The modification to the rheostats and RF was made and within three days the subject was able to see outlines of objects and light intensities better than before. The completed treatment was ended in 65 days, utilizing " 3 minute and 10 seconds" duration's. Treatment being utilized daily for the first 30 days, then every other day for the duration.

 Day 10, the patient was able to tell the difference between Dr.'s without voice identification. Color Brown was visible in the patients eyes. Much tissue clearing had occurred.

 Day 30, the patient was able to see to walk to the street and could identify buildings, automobiles and single persons walking. Very little cloudiness was left and the interior of the eye could be seen.

 No colors were ever given for this ailment. The patient was able to see but not read, he could read a sign for the local store from across a street, but could not focus on the pages of a book, this was remedied by glasses being fitted.

1934 Microscope needed, $$$

 It was at this time they realized they needed more than what was available in the laboratory for their studies. Clayton was the first to ask some other "Rich" doctors to assist in the research of this machine and their ideas. He was not impressed with the hard sell which was required, none wanted to give money to something which was not mainstream and was not read of in the medical journals. Nothing was in print and no one wanted to take a risk with a "dream machine". As a matter of fact they told him not to play with the electronic toys of people who are not Doctor's. He was discouraged but kept trying until he found a German who offered money but required documentation of each and every experiment. At the time neither Doctor had a problem with the situation......Germany was no threat and money was money. Actually he had a microscope they needed, it was built by Carl Zeiss ( wrong spelling huh?) in Germany and was a quality unit. It did not do what the developer of their machine stated was required but the offer was accepted. The unit was quite large and expensive for the time , it required a large light which gave off massive amounts of heat, and was limited in its magnification to some 15,000.


 The batteries were a constant source of irritation and replacement of the lead plates and acid was often required. Actually verifying the output was critical and daily maintenance was required. Parts were not often available and waiting for them to be shipped from back east, this was a test of their patience. Tubes were especially hard to obtain, although the emitter tube was built for them in Denver by a man who built neon tubes. These issues became more pronounced as time passed and war became visible. By 1938 it was hard to purchase some items and they required ordering well in advance of the need. Very few people had such components, they were given a list but one of the manufacturers was out of business and another refused to build the parts, the German came in handy several times as he somehow obtained the materials and the trains seemed to always deliver the boxes. The Germans name was Detrich Scholtzermann, later killed by the

SS for attempting to offer medical assistance to the resistance. He left the circle in 1936 to return to Germany to return to his medical practice, he took with him much of the knowledge of this machine. Both Clayton and Cooperson felt the loss of this friend.



 I would at this point state that never in any journal was any name given as to the developer, nothing was ever offered and I am still at a loss as to the actual proof or name. Only hint ever made was Cooperson went to California, and the person was impossible to reach. But he also went to Philadelphia, and to New York to obtain materials. Many attempts were made and the Dr.'s could never get answers to questions or response to calls or mail. I do know 2 trips were made to locate him but only one trip paid off. I will not add to what I read nor will I remedy things by inserting false information. The truth is the developer was never mentioned, named or identify hinted at. I do know that in 1934 when he was contacted he was not a young man he was already in his 40's. He was stout and not a likable person and they considered him a recluse. His contact with Clayton's associate Dr. Cooperson was short and to the point, nothing more than what was ask was offered. He simply had no time for the lessor problems or anything which would cause distraction.

 Clayton's associate was privy to a look at a microscope which took still film pictures of the cells and was given a hand written schedule of cell colors and freq.'s. In the information which follows (future pages) some of that will appear.



 I do not find that BLUE, or Green is a healthy color as others would or somehow have concluded. As a matter of fact several deadly viruses have colors which are blue/violet and blue/green. Even with different magnifications applied to these cells the dichromatic scale was the same, blue was not always a healthy color and was never described as such. I hesitate to offer this information as many people may not believe it as truth, but nothing I read offered that fact. Possibly, we should look at the information prior to release, but neither Dr. Cooperson or Dr. Clayton had reservations or inclinations as to color of healthy cells, actually Clayton wrote, "Healthy cells seem to offer a white or sometimes red hue or simply mimic the light utilized, some seem to expound a color which has multiple rings of resonance of hue and color". Blue was actually attributed to cells in several cases of influenza. Also four cases of typhus which were terminal before they could treat them, but cells were available for study and colors noted as having a blue ring with magenta interior.

 I personally am concerned with what I have read on this subject by the Doctor's, I do not see what many people believe or hold to be true whereas "BLUE" is concerned. The person the Doctor's received their information from did not offer this correlation either, he simply interpreted the facts and treated them as truth. This information may not win us approval in certain circumstances or circles. Do we accept the status quo? Heretics! At what point do we ask some to let go of those things which do not apply to the saving of innocent lives? Just a thought!

 Blue, red, green, aqua, whatever the color is, it has no relevance to health in the standards of Cooperson's and Clayton's research whereas infection, virus, or germ is concerned. Actually it could be a hindrance if one concludes that there is a status quo. I will continue soon. Please do not judge me by what you read, it is simply memory of another mans work with notes of my personal interpretation.

 1934 documents not an exact sport Upon his return from locating information Cooperson produced a document which Clayton described as Follows:

Red / Magenta / Black 11,250,200 t 3.1 3m 10s set 3,2,5,5,2,7

Red / red / clear 56,350 t 3.1 3m 10s set 3,2,5,5,1,1

Monocell neculas 34,100 t 1.3 3m 10s set 2,1,5,5,0,1

Black dominant ring 65,310 t 3.1 2m 40s set 3,2,4,5,1,1


Clayton wanted to know why the cells were not called by the proper names, even some of the bacilli had individual names. The reason was simple, to ok to much time to write down the Latin or discovery name. Accuracy was for the cell identification and machine settings, if you knew what you we re after all you needed was the color and settings. Cells which they were concerned with had descriptions of, ringed, monocell, cells with finger like protrusions he called neculas or extenuation's. The cell which reacted with a ring of black or dark hue were Black dominant ring. Other cells which had more than a single cell was given simply a color a / between colors signifying multi-cell or multi-emission. Many cells fell within the same ranges although they emit different colors these he noted as he went along.

 "Set" was the rheostat settings. Ringed cells and cells with extenuation' s were most effected by midrange settings. Cell degrade or destruction was directly responsive to "t" factor and freq. resolution.

 Clayton wrote," I see by the chart given to us that cells of the type we wish to destroy are or have similar color. The reds have similarities through out the scale and the ringed cells also portray singular comparisons.

But the frequencies vary greatly."

 One page which Clayton only touched on was a "scale to color to frequency" document. He said it looked more like a musical comparison scale but it did not correlate to what he understood. Music to cells to frequency, oscillation and variation and pitch.....he left this unfollowed.

 By comparing the cells colors and grouping them they had little or no luck in devising a graph which was utilizable as a treatment schedule. Each individual cell treatment was in fact a individual treatment. No common ground could be located for a good basic overall treatment. The overall picture at this point was that the individual cell treatment was completely different for each cell, virus or infection. The spectrum widened when the Microscope provided them with proof that cells if improperly treated could mutate this was also verified by the documents at hand. Black monocell was mutated to a extenuation type of cell after short exposures. The cell became benign or inactive but was not killed. The two were highly concerned at the thought of possibly converting plague cells into something which they could not treat or identify.

  Creating a problem would not do, it was at this point that the good Doctor's had their first argument. Clayton wanted to do only proven testing and to do as much cell growth tests as were possible with their limited equipment prior to human exposure.

 Cooperson on the other hand was prepared to charge in and do the treatments and cell studies on the run. He concluded that the documents which they held offered nothing to the mutation theory unless it was proven in the running of treatments. Besides with the limitations that they had not having the equipment to do major live cell studies research had to be done in actual field testing.

 At this point the two headed to their homes for Christmas with their families. Clayton to Ames Iowa and Cooperson to Philadelphia.

1935 a loss and a cost

 Upon return to the lab it was discovered that the groundskeeper left to keep the lab safe and heated did not do so. Ice had run down a wall and into the batteries and only one battery remained unaffected. The entire battery system was needed as a whole and nothing could be done until they were replaced. These batteries were open top, the plates and the actual housing was damaged. Acid had spilled onto the floor and damage was major. Water pipes had burst and water damaged all the walls made of plaster. Wooden floors were ruined and the lab was basically non-functional.

 Cooperson left for Philadelphia to obtain new batteries and a long list of suspected damaged items. Clayton stayed and attempted to rebuild the lab. Clayton of course had to add his personal touch and cleaned up the electrical system and the other items which had bothered him consistently from the first day. He had new doors installed, some new windows and a changing room. The facilities were modified to include several rest rooms and he added three scrub sinks. A sleeping area for 10 bunks was installed with better heating. Some new lighting was installed which he felt was required. The electrical was accomplished by a contractor who helped to insure the damage never occurred again. The battery racks were relocated and the wiring was run over the top of a wall. New work benches were built and coated with rubber. The treatment room was coated with an aluminum foil and rubber combination and a grounded metal screen was built into the plaster surrounding the entire room. A new office's for the Doctor's was built so each had a room of his own for privacy.

 During his cleaning and moving into the new offices Clayton discovered some notes which Cooperson never showed him. This was the beginning of a war between the two Doctor's. And the damage was severe for quite some time.

 The documents contained reports from several Colleagues evaluating and responding to reports of treatments of Cancer in humans via a similar machine. Also included was letters of communication from a Los Angeles College in which Cooperson was maintaining information exchange. It appeared that some of their income was being generated by this communication. Clayton was never privy to the information to that point and it enraged him to be left out. He communicated this to Cooperson who commented that he wished that their research be compared and yet separate from any other studies. Also that information like that cancer report could lead them in a different direction from their established goals to deal with as many different types of diseases.

 Clayton wrote," Never withhold information from me again which has proven to save life, nothing of such nature can cause any deviation from our goals or saving life. To save one life by our work is far more important than any research report we will compile". Clayton soon realized no one believed that what they were doing had any value to the medical field, this strengthened his will to succeed.

1936 a new era

In February Cooperson upon his return had the required materials and a new and different tube. This tube was slightly larger than the originals and the element had odd small flattened rings attached in increments up and down the entire interior. And the mercury vapor was removed and a new gas was tried. This one was a mixture of Argon and helium, injected at 4 hg vacuum. He never openly stated where the tube came from but the German asked about it on his next communication. This bulb heated more intensely than the originals and gave off a colored light which seemed to oscillate between reddish orange and a neon pink. The oscillation was not only visible but it could be felt by the Doctor's during treatment. The drawback to this bulb was after 6 trials it exploded causing Dr. Cooperson physical damage. The conclusion was not that the gases were incorrect but the element was flawed. The tri-metal element appeared to burn out, but physical investigation was done after the incident so verifying as to when it burned was not available or discernible. It was at this point that Cooperson decided to have two new emitter tubes built in Denver utilizing, 4 hg vacuum inserting Argon and Mercury Vapor gasses, utilizing the tri-metal element without the flattened rings, actually the element would look more like a screen tube inside the glass. (if this is worth something to you then lets make a deal), The elements were already assembled and Cooperson busily removed the rings. The materials he used was nickel /selenium (I can't remember but it was two metals melted to one), tungsten and tantalum. Kovar was never mentioned so I do not know what that means. The screen was a tube with the elements stranded throughout and all joined on one bar which ran the length. The second was a bi-metal of only tungsten and tantalum. The trial initially was not as impressive as they wished and Clayton was quick to write notes.

Clayton wrote," The new tri-metal tube emitter was very slow to ignite and the VU meters danced as the voltage dropped during the first 40 seconds. The power required to ignite this tube pulled voltage down even in the batteries. Once ignition occurred the tube brilliance was intense and vibrated as did the first ringed trial tube, except that the oscillation was brightly visible. The red/orange/pinkish yellow color changes were literally intense enough to see and feel. I noted that the VU meters maintained a slightly lower setting 3 volts, and output was lower than the original setting by 5 volts. The current drain by the tube was enormous and unexpected. This tube caused all the voltage power settings to require modification to synchronize back to original performance levels".

1935 new tube tests

Clayton wrote, "The first time we attempted to do a test on bacterium in a dish the entire colony was liquefied in 14 seconds. When tested on a cultured virus it took less time, 8 seconds. Now we feel we have something which has surpassed our expectations".

They worked for two weeks with the tube testing only on cultures grown in dishes from bread mold to sugar molds to cells from their own blood. Some testing on a dog was done on a serious infection on his right shoulder.

The infection was caused by a wound inflicted from another animal. The infection was a festering wound, Clayton wanted to first clean the wound, Cooperson refused to allow it. His concept was to expose the animal to the treatment without any other treatment, thinking that the dead cells would liquefy and those cells would quickly be rejected by healthy cells in the wound. Not quite that effective....once the wound was cleaned the healing was visible in three days. It was noted that several other cuts healed quite rapidly on the animal. The animal was returned to the street from where it came a little cleaner and better fed .

1935 the next step

Although the argument on the cancer reports was not settled and the two often did not speak after work. This continued until a cancer patient was located in Boulder and moved to the lab. Having the setting information from the College tests and the color chart from Cooperson's trip, the patient was evaluated and prepared for treatment.

Terminal condition diagnosis, patient had lost over 60 pounds since being diagnosed. Cancer was a tumor visible externally in the stomach area. Upon physical examination tumor was the size of a large tomato. Several other node type tumors were visible throughout the lower abdomen under the patients skin.

Cooperson was not happy with the test subject and felt the patient was to far gone to be a viable test subject. Naturally Clayton began setting up the lab for observation and treatment.

He offered the usual rose hips tea and some other soothing herbs and maludnum for pain. The patient was unable to keep down anything solid and blood was being passed in the urine and feces. Lungs were congested and temperature was constant at 101 degrees. BP was low 40 over 90. Patient was coherent but unable to physically move. Eyes were gray and yellowed, skin was nearly transparent, mouth showed dehydration to lips and inner mouth area. Clayton forced the patient to consume tea and apple juice every two hours, water every hour even if only a tea spoon was drank. An attempt was made to intravenous a saline solution but Cooperson ordered it stopped as it appeared to cause the patient major discomfort.

The exposure was at 11,250,200 "t" was 3.1 set was 3,2,5,5,2,7 3m 10sec duration. The first exposure no change was noticed, the patient had no response and felt nothing. The next three exposures were similar with the exception that the patient began feeling the exposure. Cooperson became impatient thinking the power consumption of the new tube could have changed things more than they had thought. Clayton felt it was because they were attempting to resurrect a dead body and the time to response would greatly be prolonged if any. They discussed increasing the duration or doing two treatments per day. But the notes they had at hand suggested not to do so, so Clayton increased his rose hips concentration and mixed the apple juice with pear pulp and fiber.

After the fifth treatment the patient ask for something to eat other than apple juice. On the eighth day the large tumor was smaller by a visible1 inch. Color began to return to the patients skin and pressures began to rise. The gray eyes eventually became a natural green which was the patients original eye color. Urine remained cloudy and blood cells were noticed rarely. The juice and tea treatment were kept at the same rate until day 10, even to the ever rising patients complaints.

By the 15th day the patient was able to walk a short distance and hunger increased, a diet was prepared but nothing meat was allowed for two months. Complained of a itchiness to his abdomen area, and the feeling of needing to urinate constantly. Feces was loose and had some traces of blood still showing in the tests. The tumors regressed in size to almost unnoticeable by the 40th treatment. It was at this time that the patients Doctor intervened and was concerned with the recovery. He was very interested in the treatment and wanted to assist in documenting the tests and results. Both doctors agreed and he was allowed to make notes from his own office but he was not allowed to spend time in their lab. At 70 days the patient had gained 10 pounds.

After the third month the patient was released. This patient was 34 years old, and was told he would never see 35 by his diagnosing physicians. No further contact was noted after release.

During this test another patient was introduced it was determined she had leukemia and was also terminal. She had no weight at 60 lbs. at 5'7", and was only bones and loose skin, eyes sunk deep into the sockets and blood vessels were visible on every inch of her skin which no longer had any color or elasticity. She was not ambulatory and had no bowel control she appeared near coma and was not responsive. Blood samples were very hard to obtain and only two small samples were obtained prior to treatment. The two Doctor's agreed this one was past treatment, but Clayton (always the optimist) decided that she was there, still alive, and she needed them so they both began different aspects of the procedures. Clayton utilized many herb's to assist her in maintaining some stability until the treatments helped. Cooperson demanded "iron" be added to the diet and Mexican bananas also added to the diet.

After 10 days they could see nothing had changed, no mobility, the eyes still lifeless, near comatose. Skin color was improving, blood pressure was rising, no real eye movement was noted. The patient seemed near death and both Doctor's were at a loss. Basically both agreed death was going to happen in the next few days, but until then treatment was to continue.


A personal attachment was made to this one, for she seemed to hold on to life. Clayton wrote," The candle burns bright in this one, but the light is dimmed by the diseases ravenous tastes for the body. Yet, she holds on and treatment only adds to her waiting for the inevitable darkness to take her. Yet, I still feel she is here and wants to be here. We talk to her as if she were listening even though she doesn't notice we exist. We promised her if she comes back we will take her to the river fishing. I can only hope she makes us do so".

This patient took some 15 treatments before any noticeable or noteworthy change occurred. The Doctor's waited in the tented area filled with cots after each treatment looking at her, prepared to pronounce death. On the 15th day she smiled and stuck her finger in her nose and said "it itches" Until that time she had never said one word to either Doctor and it shocked both Dr.'s who got a good chuckle. She winked at Clayton and pointed at the apple juice then stuck out her tongue and shook her head slightly, Clayton and Cooperson cried, not believing what had just happened.

Clayton wrote," I have now seen and been party to a miracle, the female patient who weighed 65 pounds and showed little sign of life upon entering treatment, now she weighs 120 pounds and lives as though she were never ill. The blood virus leukemia in her blood is no more. We have taken many samples and to our amazement the cells are inactive in every case, both red and white cells are healthy and quite active. She adds to our lives daily and makes our work less of a chore".

Same treatment progression occurred as with the previous patient, except the patient was never released, she stayed on as an assistant to Cooperson and Clayton. She lived until 1976 when her heart failed or broke completely.

She was a beloved companion and friend to both Doctor's and was always ready to help a patient or calm the Doctors arguments. She kept them alive in her heart long after they were killed by the government. Her name was Helen Cyteworth, a friend to me also, and they did take her fishing. Helen, Pearl O. Clayton, and Helen Clatworthy (whose father was the first mayor of Estes Park, Colorado) were best of friends in Estes Park where I met them all. At their cabin on Cyteworth Drive where we all lived, it is on the map look it up, their history is in the archives and they were real people. Back to the subject......(just had to get it in somewhere)......

Another leukemia case was taken in during this time also but the results were poor and the patient died. The Doctor's felt that the damage was greater than expected even though the patient seemed healthier than the first patient. Upon autopsy it was found that the pancreas was completely liquefied and the kidneys had ceased to function days earlier and the lungs were discolored and bleeding. No amount of treatment could have saved this patient, they took cell samples and began to compile a chart they called terminal signal evaluations. And demanded that if these cases were to be brought to them that the sanitarium not wait so long.

1935 lungers provided

The feeling of doing something good was growing and the Doctor's were preparing to deal with some more cancer patients when they were offered 5 tuberculosis patients all deemed terminal. All were coughing up blood and pressures were low fevers were high and no cure existed. It seemed like a natural test but both doctors were moved by these patients.

Clayton wrote," To see these men and women in the condition they are in forces me to take the time to insure this machine works. The frail bodies are carried in on cots and the smell of death moves in and out of them with each breath. We have decided to experiment in two manners".

The Doctors made two groups from the five, the criteria was depth of damage. Lungs with less than 65 percent (2) and lungs with over 65 percent damage (3). The percentage was proven by the volume of air moved through the lungs. On those over 65 percent the treatment was increased to 4m 40sec. On the remainder the standard 3m 10 sec was utilized. In the first 5 days the lower percentage group responded and even blood pressures rose. The higher group was required to wait 10 days before any noticeable change occurred. Even then, the amount of damage kept oxygen from entering the body and slowed any hope of healing.

56,350 t 3.1 setting to the previous remained.

This group required 100 days to complete treatment. The treatment was called a success with one exception. A male had so much lung damage even though the tuberculoses was dead or inactive he still could not breathe. With his frailties apparent he was left to the hospice from where he came, he was 37 years old. They heard months later he had passed on.

1935 realization

Realizing that they were not going to be given patients in better condition the Dr.'s had to settle for what was offered and hoped for earlier diagnosis patients. Cancer patients and tuberculosis seemed fundamentally easily locatable, but others existed and they wanted to expand the research to reach other disease's. During the tuberculosis treatments four lung cancer patients were offered and taken, these all met the basic "terminal" classification which coveted their work.

Clayton wrote," Sometimes the effect of these patients drains me of all my strength. The pain they have to live with, even the morphine cannot reach, and I feel so helpless armed with only the knowledge if they can hold out just a few more days they will go home alive".

Both Dr.'s were attempting to see the cells they were trying to kill but the equipment they had was not as good as they needed. While attempting to culture some different cells the Doctors began to argue over what the priority machines were and which should be purchased first and where the additional funds would come from. The argument ensued for days and Helen felt the need to calm down the situation she called the German and ask him to visit. While the good Doctors were in their offices she slipped into the lab and put flowers into some of the treated petri dishes. She then called the Doctors to come to the lab and ask them to come look at what their magnificent machine had done. Both Doctors though frustrated and angry with each other realized what her message was and went back to work as friends.

The German brought several items with him, a centrifuge, an autoclave, and a new type of sterilization unit. He also had glass products which they needed badly. This was a gift from the heavens, the autoclave opened doors that sent the doctors reeling. They would miss this Christmas at home as the work now had new meaning.

The patients with lung cancer benefited from these gifts also, but again the death of a patient clouded the gains. They had 90 days of treatment and all were doing fine except one. His cancer was complicated with "Black Lung" and emphysema.

Clayton wrote of him," I fear for these types as they feel better from the treatments but it is fleeting. We don't seem to be able to treat the multiple different problems simultaneously, and it is hard to evaluate which is the most deadly infection. Priority must have a basis but when all are deadly we are at a loss as to what to risk waiting to treat".

1936 call for help

Cooperson once again left for California and had a small book of questions and information which he needed to deal with. The need for multiple treatment was a major issue or so it seemed. Cooperson was gone for three weeks attempting to locate his man, to no avail. No one seemed to be able to offer his whereabouts or even what he was doing. The college which he was in constant communication with had no idea of what he was doing. From here he went directly to Philadelphia to meet with some colleagues and attempt to brainstorm the issues. It would be a valuable trip and some of the answers would change the situation drastically.

During his absence Clayton was attempting to deal with continued treatments for several of the cancer patients, the treatments were successful but other items were still needing treatment. While he was attempting to assist the good cells he made a change in the machine while testing on an animal. A somewhat aggressive animal was treated and the dog laid down and went to sleep. The next day he did the same setting and once again the dog laid down and slept. He had one patient who was in serious pain and treatment was only beginning for him. He felt he should try this setting on the patient, the patient fell asleep on the table. muscle spasms ceased and the patient was calmed for several hours and the pain was less. He had changed a setting from 4.3 to 7.5 then to 8.1, the effect was noteworthy but appeared to not have healing powers. And the patient did return to the same level of pain. Clayton was determined he was on the right track, but some correlation was missing. At this time he also discovered if the neck brace electrode and the hand electrodes were used at higher voltages a relaxing effect took effect. This was later re-discovered by another Doctor to cause the body to produce endomorphines.

1936 the return

Cooperson upon this return was much more secure in his statements and had several answers they needed. The answer to the multiple treatment was simple, the setting was to be changed during the duration of treatment to cover what ever was needed for the different cells. Up to that point the machine was set and left on that setting, now the entire range was available, duration between changes was the next problem. He said the people who helped him had the same problem but solved it by changing the freq. equally per freq. during treatment. The 3.5 to 4.1 was an optimal required setting as per stated needs but the frequency could be changed many times during the treatment. The cells to be killed would all be treated with good response and this also changed the amount of healthy response time for the patient.

Clayton could now incorporate his new setting with the treatment and be assured of helping from the first treatment. And it worked.


But you know soon the crash was to come..... Two people I never met, but came to admire even though I did not believe what was written, were killed. Helen was destroyed and never recovered. Her story could have put this situation back on it's feet years ago. She never offered notes but at many fireside meetings she told glorious stories. She was in love with them both and yet never told either. Her stories of the end made sense of the entire information I am giving you. But the end is different than what you will expect.....they died in front of her eyes. This is a rough draft please excuse the poor trail of information.

1936 not so Christmas gift

Detrich was back in Germany and his friendship was missed but so was the gifts he usually bore. Money was getting tight the funds from Cooperson's people was the main stay. If that wasn't bad enough parts getting harder to obtain, only a select treatments and experiments were now being done.

As if that were not enough they were presented with a real Christmas present a patient returned, one in which treatment was thought to be complete. She had been treated for breast cancer, but now according to the physician who recommended her to return the cancer was now back. Her lungs had refilled and the cancer now was in her lower abdominal area. Going back through the files they located that she received treatment for breast cancer and showed no signs of cancer upon release. But now it was back and appeared to be in terminal stages.

Clayton wrote," Although this patient was a referral and came with documents, I fear we have either misdiagnosed the cancer or the cause was hidden and different from what we saw. Should the cancer be spreading as it began in the lungs and then spread to the breast we may have caused this by not looking further. "

He felt that the treatments may also have made the cancer appear as in remission and that misled them to feel the treatments had been a success. The patient died the following week. Autopsy provided that the lung cancer had spread rapidly and the lower cancer was cystic in nature. A completely different type of cancer than they were treating her for. They had to deal with the possibility of human error.

They had grave concerns over this and felt they should consult with California.

The question was, if someone had a way of simply identifying if a patient had multiple cancers was there a root cancer or virus et al, was there a host cancer which would cause the problem they had. Could cancer change colors so to say? Could the same cancer even manifest itself in one organ differently than in another. Could the Frequency be incorrect for such cancer, can the same frequency treat multiple cancers?

The answer was not clearly defined from the good Doctor's friends who wrote that the cancer which they were dealing with was not of the type that was initially was diagnosed. Several cancers appear to have similar effects and appearances, but, when actually tracked, effect, consumption or spread completely differently. Only a biopsy could give the exact information as most were not appearing in the blood except in certain stages or types. The more vital types seem to structure themselves, but at that point many answers were just speculation. They were sent some reference materials which seemed to verify they had not identified and treated the cause cancer. At that time the single freq. system was still in use and they had not utilized the changing of freq.'s, or the new tube design.


I would interject at this point that the machine's rheostat switch #3 was described as the trigger speed control. And I do believe this was not addressed in previous pages, this could have been over sight, possibly not of concern. But in initial descriptions of the Cooperson machine "two RF dial indicators were described". Thus a dual frequency could be modulated at intervals or simultaneously possibly by a "0" or a "5" setting. Purely speculation on my part that they would conclude this as a single frequency setting.

They took in everything and attempted to locate a way to identify cancers from the blood and the descriptions of external examination and x-ray. They were determined not to make the same mistake again. Even one life to Clayton was too much.


The mutation effect

Of all the fears they had faced they felt the previous was the worst, but Clayton's worst nightmare was about to prove itself.

A patient which had been treated and released for tuberculosis was brought in with serious complications. Cysts were appearing on the chest and abdomen. At first it resembled cystic fibrosis, but the cysts when removed were not fibrous they contained a multi cell and infection, red/brown/red. It had similarities to a tuberculosis cell but one color was off and there was an additional ring. They attempted to culture this and did several other biopsy's.

After three days it appeared that the patients liver was being effected, urine was dark and contained the same cells. Appetite ceased, color in eyes began to yellow and the skin pigment took on a yellow/brown appearance. This gave the appearance of Hepatitis in several manners as the liver was effected and the lungs were not inflamed or fluid filled. No lung problems existed which were consistent with tuberculosis.

Clayton wrote," I have come to a conclusion, I have seen these cells and they too closely resemble the cells and actions of Tuberculosis although they appear not to be in the lungs. I feel we have caused this to occur.

The machine has proven to mutate cells and these I feel are the first indication and occurrence something is wrong with this knowledge . Why it has manifested itself in the skin then spread to other areas is still a mystery. It follows as I maintained mutation will occur and may not be apparent initially, and with no doubt these cells prove aggressive".

The cells resisted treatment at the levels required to kill tuberculosis and typhus, even the 11.250,200 had no effect and that was a cancer setting. They attempted to isolate the cells and do random testing, but the cells remained unaffected. Nothing they attempted to do caused anything to effect these cells. They found they could kill the cells at a setting which would also kill the patient, they began systematic frequency exposures to cultured cells and were frustrated again.

 The patient was quickly loosing ground and so were the good Doctor's. Cooperson was toying with the idea of changing some of the factors and settings and reducing the power and increasing the duration of the exposure.

 His first test attempt caused an interesting change in the cells structure, the nucleus changed color to orange the outer rings did not react. The bench test showed the new modification in the thinking and it was working. The cell nucleus matter could be effected but not the entire cell, thus some of the cell color could remain intact, was the change in color good or not?

 They were dealing with an unknown and the patient was dying. Cooperson began to look at Clayton's notes on the calming factor of modification of the 4.1 Hz to 8 Hz, but Cooperson left that out of his equation initially, Clayton demanded it be utilized. He also required the polarization pads be utilized every two hours to help pain.

 They attempted the first test on the patient, lowering output power by 10%, 4.1, "t" factor to 1.75, and swept the 65.000 to 85.000 scale for a period of 8 minutes, in the last 30 seconds they modified to 8.0 to contain Clayton's demands.

 The duration was too long , although the next biopsy showed concentrations had lowered. And the cells effected had the same nucleus change in color in the biopsy and in the urine. The mutation effect was now being attributed to high output signal and incorrect frequency modulation. Possibly the frequency chosen if off just a little and will create this effect of mutation. As you could be in the harmonics frequency range but not at the range to destroy the cell and only cause mutation. The patient began to stabilize after five days. But not recover, the cysts remained but did not multiply. This could also lead to Clayton's verification that the machine could also help healthy cells. Nothing verified any theory at this time.

 The next attempt was to locate another tuberculosis patient and create the same effect. After the treatment they would infect the patient with the mutated cells. Clayton argued against this type of testing but gave in when the argument ensued over cause and effect and the saving of one life.

Not only would they continue to do the cultured tests, but also a human test. Recreation of this must be accomplished to insure that the effect can be ceased.

 Clayton wrote," I will advise the patient of the effects and possibilities prior to beginning the treatment. I do not agree with attempting to kill another patient to obtain proof of mutation if that is the result, but I see no viable option. We apparently are the cause of this and we must attempt to remedy it or the entire experiment is a failure".

 The new patient provided was a Chinese and was in similar condition to the files on their still dying patient. He was appraised of the situation and agreed to the treatment. Cooperson noted that the different type of heritage may offer different results, and why of the 60 other patients whom had Tuberculosis this only occurred in this one?

1937 another gain

 The waiting patient was stable and seemed to be maintaining, his treatments were reduced to 4m 30sec at the modified settings. The Chinese was exposed at the same initial treatment settings utilizing no freq. sweep, only the single staging technique. He followed the same healthy gains as was in their files. No mutation appeared.

 Dr. Cooperson had attempted to continue writing to Detrich, he mailed many letters basically attempting to keep him abreast of the situation and what experimentation was occurring. He never had any idea of what the grim picture was until later. Detrich by this point was underground, the communication was not going to him, the letters never came back.

 At this time Clayton realized funds were low and money at this time was not on wall street.....he had to call on family. Family was not poor by any means they were all railroad people not on the worker side.....Pearl

Clayton, John's sister was named after the mothers side of the family... Oliver....this name was not poor either. The family agreed to help Clayton funding him through one of the foundations....a Railroad Fund. Needless to say the money was needed and the timing seemed correct. Although the amount was only $500.00 per month.

 After one month of treatment the mutation patient was not responding to treatment. The changes helped but only stabilized the individual. Clayton and Cooperson demanded someone from California come to assist. A person was dispatched a two weeks later, he was not what they expected. His name was Carl Samuel's a Ph.D.. from L.A. He claimed to be a specialist a hematologist ( for lack of the word Clayton used) of the time. He brought with him a different way to culture cells and with the microscope Deitrich had given them they could now see what they were fighting or at least how it was changing.

 He verified it was a tuberculosis virus and the cells were different some how from what they should be.....they should have only had one ring and not of this color. He could not understand the cystic manifestation, nor the attack on the liver. He was determined to utilize the machine at higher output levels utilizing a "t" setting of 4.0 and only a duration of 2 m 40 sec. He changed the rheostat settings completely away from what they had been told to set them at. It was slow but it did effect the patients recovery. In three weeks the patient was ambulatory and the cysts were all but gone. The cells remained but they lost their activity and became inactive.

 Carl was impressed with the tubes Cooperson and Clayton had designed. He felt they had a good design even though they created heat beyond what he was used to dealing with. He spent much time looking at the tubes and the elements and Cooperson was happy to offer information. Carl offered that the element might react better if the bi-metal was not in the position he had placed it in that it should be more of a shield to radiate from rather than the omnidirectional unit he had created. He also suggested going back to the dual gas design with a 7 hg vacuum. Cooperson never changed his design, and never truly had faith in Carl's designing abilities.

 The Chinese never had any of the problems, even though he was injected with the mutated virus, he was released and never returned. No other patient from the tuberculosis group had any problems. The three attempted to replicate the cells in 40 experiments to no avail, they could not replicate the mutation. Several times mutation occurred but the cells died shortly after the change occurred and never looked like the patients mutation cells.

 Samuel's and Cooperson also did some tests on cultures using a tube nearly burned out. This they felt was the probable answer to the mutation. As the tube failed it could have been the cause of the cellular mutation by causing a multitude of changes to occur in it's own output or reduced certain values. But the same culture could never be re-achieved.

Carl returned to California, with a complete element and a diagram of Cooperson's.

Clayton wrote," Again we have triumphed but at what cost and to what ends....we still do not know how this occurred completely and conjecture is no cure. Was it the man and his bodies composition or was it our inability to comprehend the truth of what is happening, or simply our limitations proving themselves ?"

1937 September a visitor

Helen allowed a person to make an appointment with the doctors and brought him into the laboratory. He wished to inspect their lab and discuss the procedures with them.....he said he was a close friend of Detrich, he spoke with an accent but not German as did Detrich. But no letter of introduction was produced....and his questions were directed at the cell problems which they had worked on the last few months. He left a new address for Detrich to contacted at, he said it would help speed communication. Clayton was angered as Detrich had not been returning letters, he asked but the man was evasive and offered no resolution.

Clayton wrote," This was unlike Detrich not to introduce him and contact us about a visitor coming to the lab. This man made Helen uncomfortable and his "to the point" questions were unsettling. Cooperson refused to have conversation with the man and left him to me. I would not offer him our lab reports, even at his insistence, after a visual inspection of the lab he left".

At this point the Doctor's appeared not to be bothered by the visitor though he was noted. Besides by this time they had dealt with over 150 patients on top of their non-treatment patients. The doors always seemed to be open.....during 1935 to 1937 Dr. J. Clayton delivered 31 children and lost only 5, Dr. Cooperson delivered 27 and lost 3....they weren't keeping score.....Helen was. She took pride in life and all the good things which happened to them. At this point Helen was integral in the operation of the lab and the Doctor's were relieved to still have her there. She continued to play games and keep them on their toes. She studied to be a nurse, with so much exposure the studies were not as important as the hands on work she was doing.

1937 November

A cousin of Clayton's was delivered suffering from lymphatic cancer. Advanced and terminal. When he arrived he was already in such poor condition the Dr.'s knew it was too late. . Clayton was crushed, he felt if he were not so involved in the past few months he could have saved him. His cousin was stabilized but damage was too extensive, Clayton blamed his consuming laboratory experiments and blinders for the loss.

1937 December

As treatments on his family member were not working still Clayton was needed to go home for the Christmas Holiday. Clayton wrote," Of the love of family I can afford no loss, but who shall I ask forgiveness from for leaving these who depend on me".

His leaving was short and the family member was left behind and buried two weeks later. Clayton was now determined to find answers and attack this black thing which could even kill his own family.

In a short statement Clayton wrote, "Were it to be, this thing we do would help all, but I fear it's limitations are select and will only change that which is not to be in the body, not that which is of the body. These viruses make fools of us as if they knew we were coming". He was loosing his thinking on helping cells to maintain health. Though he continued to utilize the machine to assist in relieving pain.

1938 a new year

Carl Samuel's was to return in March of this year but wrote that he feared that his return would be delayed as research was being looked at very hard by the College. Carl only returned in letters L.A. area and those always seemed distant. By March something had happened in the pool of information and the Philadelphia group completely stopped any communication. Cooperson decided to take a train to PA to attempt to locate information on what was happening.

Clayton kept on with his treating of sanitarium patients and required two tubes to be built. He found the person who had been building them and found that it was going to be longer than usual for the tubes to be built. The glass and gasses were not available and no date could be given. At some additional cost of $250.00 per tube and a little persuasion they were delivered three weeks later. Clayton also attempted to contact California again for two diodes which he required.......he never received a response and Cooperson was required to find them in the East.

1938 the cowboy syndrome

Clayton was delivered two new patients who were from a local ranch of the Cowboy life, both had tetnus, "lock jaw" of the local name. Both were intensely ill, and had many cuts, bruises and abrasions which were infected. Clayton had specifications for setting which referred to this and began the procedure. In 48 hours he saw a change more than notable. The Cowboys wanted their clothes back, and they apparently called him a "saw bone ", which irritated him for some reason.

 He wrote," I wish Cooperson were here to see this, as on the fifth day both were wanting a saloon. They were eating Helen's cooking and asking her to come and cook for them. They drank all the cooking wine and sent one of the boys from next door out to find something called prairie water".

 On the 20th day Clayton asked them to leave and just come in daily for the treatment. He couldn't handle their demeanor or their wish not to bath. They were moved to a local hotel and finished treatment in 60 days. Clayton never let Cooperson forget what happened during their stay.

 Clayton wrote," I shall see to it, Cooperson shall recall to his dying day how he left me to the Cowboys and how they slept in their boots, cursed, smoked, and tried to take Helen out hootin".

 Clayton in some daily notes remembered how things were better in days prior and also how he wished Detrich would come back to see them.

1938 late

 Cooperson returned and was concerned, his friends who were plagued by problems concerning their work, acceptance of their friends and other Physicians, they had nothing to offer him in research. Problems were building and he had no clear cut answers. Two of his best friends had relocated to New York and could not be located.

 The California group which had been talking to him were still talking but not asking questions. Someone had caused the world to look at them differently and he offered no resolution for which Clayton would write of. The two continued their work and kept making notes and having good results. They heard rumors of legal crises and failure of machines from California , but nothing quotable was written by Clayton.

 It was at this point that an offer came from the Railroad they had a shop which no longer was to be used as they had completed a RR yard at another location. They could have it for no payment. They looked it over and it had more than what they needed for power and plenty of space. Besides it had a better view of the mountains.

 The relocation was planned an the building began to take on a completely different look. It more closely resembled a rail road hospital than the old building ever could. The move took three and a half months and the new lab was much larger than the old. The new building was well built and had loading areas which were utilized as bedding areas. The building offered space for examination rooms which did not double as treatment rooms, the Doctors offices were large and well lighted. Helen even got a new Remington typewriter, and a phone on her desk not on the wall.

1939 another uninvited guest

 During the relocation another person this time from the war department came as a friendly visitor. But when he spoke to the Doctor's he lost his friendliness and demanded information on Detrich. Who was he and why were they communicating with him?

 The two offered as much information as they had, to no avail the man apparently did not believe them. He was allowed to look at all their records and read what few letters Detrich had written. He already had the new address and wanted to know what they had sent to Germany.

 In the following days several investigators visited the laboratory and questioned Helen and both Doctors. They were determined that communication with Detrich was a rouge. It was at this point they informed the Doctor's , Detrich was dead, he was in the resistance in Germany and was killed by the SS for treason. Who were they writing to and why, was the question over and over. All the laboratory equipment was inspected and several other men came in to inspect it. It appeared they felt it was radio transmission equipment, which basically it was. They demanded to see the "treatments" being applied and watched during several. They were interested in the microscope and what tests on cells the Doctor's were doing. They applied pressure by threatening to have the RR stop funding them. To have guards stop patients at the door. They were determined to know everything the Doctor's knew. These men were all over the building and the Doctor's.

 This caused the Doctor's to basically stop doing anything except basic medical practice for the duration of the relocation and several months to follow.


 The previous information was taken from Journals belonging to Dr. J. Clayton of Ames, Iowa. Although the actual journals were destroyed by a last remaining relative, a diary was maintained by the myself and my now deceased wife, and thus several quotations and some of this information have survived. The balance is directly from my memory. In the final closing pages as much information as to verify the truth of this matter will be attached. Also some Frequencies to color's will be included.

 I will add at this point the government has applied pressure to me (the author) again, not to further communicate with the network in which I have been releasing this information. Not from, or as a result of this information, but as a result of other information they have deemed "not for public knowledge". Until my Attorney looks over the complaint information I will reserve my usual quotable quotes on the subject. I will add, any information which may be of such nature was not released by me knowingly or intentionally.

 I shall endeavor to forward this information and any which applies to Rife of which I can remember. And if information other than this which I hold can save lives I shall forward it also until I am forwarded to my maker. As with Clayton (with Jim Bare's influence, and good conscience) I shall ask nothing for this information and I shall condemn any man who with holds information of life saving nature for personal gain. This is a tactic of the Governments, not of men of true honor and belief.


 "A man has but two things in life to leave behind, his name and his word"


 In the end this information may be so old and useless that it simply is added to some notation and lost in cyberspace. But Dr. Clayton existed and was determined to heal without forcing healing as is done by today's chemical warfare on the human body done by our learned physicians of today.

He cared with such strong belief and basic love that the politics of the era had no meaning, which was the cause of his demise.

1939 dawn

The damage created by the intrusion stopped the experiments. The frustrated Doctor's were simply finishing the new laboratory and attempting to understand what had just happened.

 After two months Clayton and Cooperson began bench work again, they had in mind to begin on the cancer work again with special concerns as to identifying the actual causes. A virus, it was not considered an assumption and that was to be their starting point. It was at this point where a turn of events took place.

 While joking and talking Clayton took and fed the cells on a petri dish. He gave them a drop of red blood cells extracted from his own blood. In the morning he noted a massive cell strain had cultured. He then offered it a treatment.....all the strain cells became monochromatic.

 Both Doctor's began verifying the cultured cells medium. They found that the cells they utilized metabolized the medium faster when little or no white cells were apparent. They also noted that the cells when cultured were more active when actual organ tissue was inserted. Unprotected by white cells consumption was rapid. Though the tests were short in duration it was a beginning. They attributed the lymph and adrenal glands as the fastest producers of the cells best medium. The conjecture was later a basis for tests they hoped to begin. They felt if cells could be biopsies from these glands they might have an indicator for where and what to look for. They also felt if the cancer was non-lymphatic and non-adrenal it could be located by blood, feces and urine indicators. But each of several cancers had different signatures and color values. They still could not come up with a viable chart for the differences they were observing.

 Clayton at this point made a decision to choose one viral indicator and use it as the base of the analysis. He felt if in fact cancer was a virus it had to have one universal quality held by all the types of cancer cells and that proof was the mission. If in fact the virus was a true transient strain it should or would have a basic identifiable signature.

 Cooperson felt that the virus upon becoming the actual cancer cell would shed its viral aspects and acquire a signature of its own as a result of the location and cells it infects. Each cancer cell could be inclusive of the viral signature but it may not be visible do to growth to an actual infection.

 The search was to cover both pre and post infection cell observation. Cultures were prepared and tests began. Host cells were utilized from A Standard basis from living cell retrieval.

 Red/orange/magenta MEGUS was the primary identifier. Red/black/ magenta was the secondary identifier. Red/brown/red was the third identifier, all viral indicators had Red inner cellular visible occurrence under one light application this differed under several other tests. But, these remained the primary locators utilized from this point forward. This was also attributable as even with the infectious aspects these identifiers were easily seen. Finally some level of identity was made available.

 They noted that a certain enzyme would propagate cancers and others would inhibit. These were next on the list to be located, unfortunately they were lacking the equipment to deal with this line of theory. And as the Government had caused them so much trouble they were hesitant to attempt to locate new machinery. They also had little money to purchase the needed equipment. Funds had dried up and income from their practice was minimal at best. The war effort was draining all aspects of income. They agreed to attempt to locate the funds through family contacts and thus began a new siege.

 At this point the two Doctor's had another cancer patient come in for treatment. Clayton began his regimental herbal treatment. With this notation came a fact not noted in any prior journal entry. Clayton wrote, " it was suggested that I utilize the concentrate of rose hips, Asian ginseng root , AgNaCL, in a supplement of Apple cider or mild tea. This along with treatments gave rise to something I had left behind in my thinking. That the body is only being helped along, killing the virus is only the beginning of healing".

 It was at this time that three elements which Cooperson had ordered two years prior was delivered. It was unique in the fact that they utilized an alloy called Antimony with the tungsten. Cooperson quickly made arrangements to have two of these placed in a 4 Hg tube utilizing Argon and mercury vapor, one was to be Argon/Helium. He did specify that the mixture of the Argon / Helium was to be 75% Argon and 25% Helium.

 This added to the need for funds. This was a Swiss made element and was hand delivered by a Swiss Doctor (no reference made to name). He stayed two days and left, with $375.00 belonging to the Doctor's and a boat ticket home.

 The Doctor's were requesting funds from everyone they could think of when a Foundation called them and requested some information of their needs. The Foundation called Forrester Foundation was supposedly a medical research foundation created by a Gerald Forrester of some New York fame. But a long with the offer of funds came a string that an observer be sent and be allowed to view the experiments and take notes. The Doctor's were in financial striates and accepted thinking they were to receive substantial assistance and a good research assistant.

 Upon his arrival the man the foundation sent delivered $2,000.00, looked at the machines and began documenting everything. His name was August Watson, a writer/ journalist not a tech at all. But he had much knowledge of the technology and appeared to be in communication with several of the California people. Utilizing the cash they obtained a Swiss machine which was more advanced than their machines for culturing cells.

 Watson oddly enough had studied under Einstein and has very interesting ideas on utilization of the equipment. He forwarded all his documentation on a regular basis. No note was made of the location where it was sent.

 It was at this point that the final breakthrough occurred, with the new tube element design. The tube was intensely vibrating and the cells they were exposing literally exploded. Following earlier procedures it took several seconds less than ever before. The experiment was to expose several different cells simultaneously to observe if only the expected cells were eliminated. It occurred as it was expected. The cells exposed to the exact settings were eliminated nearly spontaneously, the other cells were unaffected. The tube heat was again noted as nearly to strong to be within 3 feet of.

 The expected response was then transferred to the treatment of the cancer patient. The results were quickly noticeable within 24 hours, reduction of the tumors was visible and the actual size was reduced by nearly 50%.

The response that was of conclusion was the cells could not all be eliminated at one time as the collapsed cells formed a barrier to the treatment. Thus until the terminated cells were expelled or consumed by white cells total elimination could not be accomplished. Multiple exposure was still a requirement, 3 minutes 10 seconds per frequency utilized.

 Continuing the experiments was consuming the doctors and Helen attempted to assist, Watson seemed concerned that she was possibly in the way. Cooperson however put his foot down and nothing further was said.

 Clayton wrote, "Cooperson has a manner of putting down his foot which has weight and stinging result, whereas he is right and you are wrong".

 Three weeks had passed and the two Doctor's had begun and two new patient s both having typhus. The two were admitted and prepped.

The Following was jumbled in my notes, so it is jumbled here......

 Watson was arrested the following day after the initiation of this experiment, for being a Foreign Agent. He was moved to the Washington area by War Department Agents. The following week both Clayton and Cooperson were arrested. No further journal entries were ever made.

 We know from Helens statements the Doctor's did attempt to prove the machine was not a radio communication device, but apparently California disavowed any knowledge of the two and refused to assist in any manner. Helen made every attempt possible to contact Coopersons people and California, her calls were never answered. Messages were never responded to.. Even with documentation taken they were still held for three weeks as spies. The Doctors were released pending the completion of the investigation. Apparently they did not feel the Doctor's had intentionally Spied but were never the less involved.

Helen was the source of the following:

Helen stated, "Upon return from a visit to Estes Park I found men putting the entire laboratory into big trucks. They took everything, they said it was a spy radio system and they also had taken the Doctor's". They threatened her and questioned her for two days. She was released. Upon return from his ordeal Cooperson took his own life, he used a small pistol and left a note. Helen found Clayton lying on a cot in what was left of the laboratory. He had blood running from his nose, ears and mouth. Clayton's brother (also a Doctor) came in to help too late. He died in Helens arms.

 Officially both were considered suicide, but Clayton was not that type according to Helen.....his brother found a poison belladonna/strychnine/ bromide mixture in Clayton's blood. Nothing like that was ever kept in the laboratory or ever utilized by either Doctor in any research. Clayton's journals were delivered to his sister Pearl O. Clayton by Helen. It was one thing the agents overlooked as he kept them at Helens house after the first confrontation with the War Department.

 Cooperson's body was returned to Philadelphia accompanied by Helen. Her farewell was short and she returned to bury Clayton in Ames, Iowa.

 Helen returned to Estes Park where she lived out the remainder of her life as a close friend to Pearl Clayton. Actually her next door neighbor.

 Clayton dedicated each Journal to different people the two Journals which applied to this era of his life went:

 In memory of Detrich, let no man call him a lessor.

The final Journal :

 In dedication to Helen, Robert, James and my nemesis Cooperson ...Hypocrites should have known and cared so much.

 A special note.....Cooperson was buried in PA with his last remaining tube in his arms....Helen took him home to insure this fact, I know a piece of her remained in both the graves until she finally joined them. Her stories will forever remain, and as proven they did live and did care.

From the author:

 Were this any different subject one could add or subtract information to come up with a good scenario for a book. I have taken as directly as possible from my notes this information...anything I felt could be misinformation or incorrect because of my chicken scratching I left out. Please note this is primarily a rough draft and the information is 20 years old in my head as well as older from the journals. As health allows I will post the final chicken scratching of Freq.'s and colors...although they do not correlate to your machines.

 I am further attempting to locate information as to the settings as described by Clayton. Unknown to me at the time of writing, several type's of radio's of the era had logarithmic dials which were correlated to frequencies, thus numbers could be transmitted but if you did not have the correct dial log you could not intercept the frequency being transmitted. One such log I have located in a museum here correlates quite well to such numbers....but, it is a German radio from a U-boat. Another too is quite close from a ships radio from a sunk American boat.

 Governments and individuals can at many points attempt to burn books, kill people, and control the individual, but eventually the truth will be known. I have few conclusions as to the actual reasons for what happened to the Doctor's. That it happened is enough. What I do find hard to fathom is why the community which initially helped them would turn and run leaving their own to the wolves of Government. Of all that one could do that is nothing I personally would want to have written in the good book about me.

 I hope this gives some insight into the lives of some of the pathfinders who offered their lives for this new generation to begin again.






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