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11/3/29 San Diego Union Newspaper, Local man bares wonders of germ life                          |1|     |Full Article |
11/21/31 Science Test New Magnifier, L.A. Times |1|
11/21/31 About Microscope, Pasadena Star-News |1|
11/22/31 L.A. Times, Science's Latest Strides |1|
11/27/31 L.A. Times, S.D. Scientist Tells Of Experiments |1|
12/4/31 Super-Microscope Gives First View Of Filtered Bacteria |1|
12/4/31 The Helena Daily Independent Discoveries May Be Of High Avail In Disease Battle |1|
12/12/31 Science News Letter, Filterable Germ Forms Seen With New Super-Microscope |1|
1212/31 Newest Microscope will trail unknown |1|
8/24/33 Nevade State Journal, Reno Nevada New Universal Microscope |1|
4/10/34 Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Microscope Makes 31,000 Times As Big |1|
4/16/34 Unknown San Diego, Calif Newspaper, Self-Trained S.D. Scientist Builds Microscope |1|
5/6/38 Evening Tribune San Diego, Calif, Cancer Blown Seen   |1|      |Full Article |
5/11/38 Evening Tribune San Diego, Calif, Rife Bares Startling New Conceptions Of Disease |1|
6/6/38 San Diego Union Newspaper, Honored at dinner |1|
9/23/38 Lemon Grove, California, Great interest is shown |1|
2/24/40 The San Diego Union Newspaper,  Mrs. Bridges death and  $50,000 Left To Rife |1|
2/20/04 Union and Tribune Newspaper article about Mrs. Bridges Death |1|
6/25/40 L.A. Times, Giant Microscope May Yeld Secrets Of Bacteria world |1|
10/3/44 Pasadena Star-News  Milbank Johnsons Death |1|
11/25/46 Rife and San Diego Police    |1|
6/24/46 Rife and San Diego Police  |1|
8/4/49 Unknow Newspaper, Man in San Diego May Solve Cancer Problem |1|
11/12/52 Science News Letter, Filtrable Germs Need Not Be So Small |1|
8/11/71 The Daily California El Cajon, Calif, Scientific Genius Dies |1|
8/12/71 San Diego & Evening Tribune Obituaries (Rife) |1|
9/23/?? Newspaper Article, Microscope Maginifies 31,000 Times |1|
Unknown About Rife and Sundial |1|
2/??/86 The Cure For Cancer Was Covered Up, The Planet,  Barry Lynes |1|
11/30/?? Science test new magnifier |1|
6/13/??   Newspaper Article about Rife conversion of sea brine to potability water  |1|2|