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A. Paulus

Journal Of Applied Physics Vol. 13, May, 1942

Jean-Claude Mainguy Evolution of neoplasic cells in culture under the influence of electromagnetic fields

Hugh Fleming

Effect of High-Frequency Fields on Micro-Organisms 

Andrei G. Pakhomov Biological Effects Of Millimeter Waves 
Cyril Maire Clinical Impressions and Speculations on the Use of High-Frequency Pulsed
 A.J. Ginsberg, M.D Pulsed Short Wave in the Treatment of Bursitis with Calification
Panos  Pappas, Ph.D

Effects Of Pulsed Magnetic Field Oscillations In Cancer Therapy     

Karl H. Schoenbach Pulsed Electric Fields on Biological Cells,  Science. Vol. 25, No. 2, April 1997
Douglas M. Evans, M.D. The Effect Of EMF on Rat Mammary Carcinoma
V.A. Shashlov    Mechanism Of Frequency-Selective Biological Effects Of The EHF Radiation 
Marcos Tello & Other Authors Evaluation Of  DC Current Therapy In Mammary Cancer Tumor

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Suleyman  Gorgun
Collegno, Italy

Studies on the Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter Neoplastic Cellular Culture
Mark J. Neveu PH.D and
Richard Blanco P.E.

Emerging Opportunity: Cancer Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy

U. S. Food and Drug Administration

Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies

Thiruvallur Gowrishankar and James C. Weaver

An approach to electrical modeling of single and multiple cells
UNESCO Seminar Yerevan (Armenia) September 6-10 2004 UNESCO SEMINAR on Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Biological Effects of EMF with practical workshop on ”Non-thermal effect of Extra High Power Pulses (EHPP)”