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"Dr. ROYAL R. RIFE Speaks again in the year 2000"

(Copyrighted 2002)


History of the Tapes 

               There had been no indications of any audio tapes ever being recorded of Dr Rife telling about his experiences using his microscopes and Frequency Instruments  --  until!!!!! ---   Early March 2000,  at 5PM, when a telephone call was received.  An excited Dr. R. P. Stafford, M.D., announced that while cleaning out a closet in his home, he discovered eight reel-to-reel audio tapes (Scotch Brand Magnetic Tape 190A[1-3” & 3 ea. 5” reels] & NO Brand name [4-5”reels]) from the Rife Labs, dated back in the late 50’s. The tapes had been sent to him by John Crane, about the time Dr Stafford was going to do his rat tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the Rife Frequency Instrument (RFI).  Dr Stafford, being very busy at that point of his life with his professional and civic involvement, put them into safe storage, without opening nor listening to the tapes.    The reel boxes were still taped together when received from Dr Stafford.   

            Reproduction Procedure:     These forty-plus year old magnetic tapes were opened one at a time, and then played on a new reel-to-reel Teac Model R2000R Tape Deck.  This deck was chosen for it’s rolling Amorphous Record & Playback Heads.   The output signal was fed into a Mackie Micro-series 1402VLZ 14 channel (80hz-12Khz), outputted into a Yamaha PSR-8000 Composers workstation (32hz/12db gain to 16khz) plus Q factor 0.1 to 12/1.0 to 12 all band frequency range output, back into the Mackie,  inputted to Fostex D108 Harddrive Recorder and Fostex CR300 Master CD Duplicator.    All this effort was required to optimize Dr Rife’s voice, while reducing the hiss and poor tonal quality  --   there was considerable bleed through from the reverse side track and adjoining layers of tape.   John Crane had spliced sections of different brands of tapes together which, had failed due to age, and had to be reattached.   Every effort was made to reproduce all the original verbiage, including repeats, using the latest sound technology, attempting to emulate Dr Rife’s Very High Standards.   Premium CD’s were copied on a CD3701 Media Form Standalone, Robotic Auto-CD Duplicator with copyright and watermark protection.  Every hour that you hear from each CD, has 8-15 hours of sound conditioning refined by Mr. Billie Coldiron.   “Thanks for a superb job, Billie” 

           All 15 CD’s in the “ Dr. R. R. Rife Speaks again in the year 2000” set, cover the following speakers;  Dr. R. R. Rife, MD James B Couche, 22 yrs using RFI;  Dr/Professor Arthur I. Kendall’s letters;  MD B. Winter Gonin of England; DDS Charles F. Tulley, San Diego;   MD Adolfo Torres Lara of Mexico; Ph.D. Wade Fite; John Marsh, assistant; Henry Seiner, assistant; John Crane, devotee; Ben Collum, Historical Data.   The CD’s come stored in a convenient and attractive 24-disc case, hard copy indexed by speaker or subject, and includes this history of the tapes.  Each CD is watermarked & numbered individually and by set.  Duplication by any means is a violation of copyright laws and infringement will be legally prosecuted.

             The Kinnaman Foundation, (501-C-3 tax exempt foundation),   has been give possession of the original tapes and the Master CD copies, to protect, preserve, and provide distribution for Educational purposes, the Original Superb works of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.    A donation (may be tax deductible) of $210 USD is requested to cover rehabilitation, duplication and shipping costs in USA.   Your Additional donation of $ 25, $50, $100 or more can help provide the needed funding to bring this so urgently needed and necessary technology back to light again.  The Kinnaman Foundation Directors have accepted the responsibility to insure ALL of your dollars will be allocated “ONLY “ to worthy and productive tasks to further this work.   Please lend your financial support to help us make more information publicly available. 

             To Order Set(s):   Enclose a certified Check or USPO Money Order, Payable & mail to: 
The Kinnaman Foundation, Rife CD’s
4140 Holly Drive
San Jose, California  95127
Phone: 408-729-4302

Please legibly include: Your Name, Address, Telephone Number, e-mail, fax.  Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time. 


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